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Item Code GC0003, Price 80 (GBP)
A canvas case for a Westley Richards gun or rifle with their Conduit st. London label dating from the 1910-36 period. Complete with the leather straps. Scruffy condition but priced at little more than the value of the label. Could accommodate barrels up to 29".
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Item Code GC0001, Price SOLD (GBP)
A superb leather lined oak gun case for a John Dickson Edinburgh double barreled percussion shotgun serial no. 2028. It still retains the spare lock screw which is numbered to the gun. The case was obviously owned by the famous gun collector W. Keith Neal in 1969 as he wrote to Dicksons to find out more details of the missing gun - see the photo of the letter. Really great condition. Complete with the lock screw and original letter from Dicksons. The case could accommodate 30" barrels (it was blocked for 28" barrels for the original gun).
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Item Code GC0002, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare oak case for a single barreled percussion rifle by Alexander Henry of Edinburgh. The case would accommodate a barrel of up to 33". One lock is missing and the internal partitions are loose but if you need this for an Alex. Henry rifle it is well worth carrying out a little restoration. It has the original loading instructions in the lid and is in sleepy and completely untouched condition.
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