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Item Code M0036, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare and extremely detailed wooden model of the Italian Battle Cruiser ZARA made by F. Caccioppoli who was a prisoner of war in a British prison camp in 1944. I presume Caccioppoli was a sailor on the Cruiser which was sunk in the Mediterranean in 1941. The actual ship model measures 19 inches and the frame measures 29 inches overall. The glass is obviously WW11 vintage as it has imperfections. Excellent condition. Two of the front glazing bars are missing on the frame.
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Item Code M0035, Price SOLD (GBP)
An unusual and old mirror printed on the back with a shooting scene of a sportsman with his dog infron of a large house or mansion. The frame measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" . Good condition. Some loss to the silvering on the mirror.
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Item Code M0034, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare and guaranteed original Bass in Bottle brewery advertising mirror. The mirror is also marked with the Bass trademark and the oak frame is stamped Bass & Co Ltd. At the top of the frame is a bronze coat of arms and two ivorine banners etched "By Appointment Brewers to the King". The frame measures 19" x 15". Good condition. It even retains the original paper labels to the back. Absolutely untouched and a true sleeper. Would make a great decorator.
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Item Code M0017, Price SOLD (GBP)
An incomplete set of surgical instruments in their original mahogany case with Presentation dated 1882 on the escutcheon. Only three large Liston amputation knives remain all marked "Dick Glasgow". Good condition. Some original blade polish. The largest knife measures 14 1/8" overall and is missing the very tip.
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Item Code M0014, Price SOLD (GBP)
An original 19th Century brown paper cartridge wrapper in a glass frame. Good condition.
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Item Code M0030, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 100 capacity 12G empty Eley cartridge box marked on one side D. Crockart & Co. Stirling . Some minor scuffs and tears but generally good condition and unusual with a Scottish gunmakers name.
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Item Code M0031, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare G. & J.W. Hawksley marked cartridge magazine for 12G pinfire cartridges. The magazine is double ended and can carry 16 cartridges in each end. Excellent condition.
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