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Item Code ag0199, Price £3000 (GBP)
A very good Irish 54 bore (.45") over and under turnover percussion pistol by Trulock & Son Dublin. Octagonal barrels marked with the Dublin 1843 registration mark and side mounted captive ramrod. As is common with best quality Irish pistols the offset hammer has three bents (positions) with the concealed trigger appearing at full cock. The butt has a magazine for balls and caps. This pistol incorporates so many of the features which are unique to Irish pistols. It is in fine untouched condition - very crisp with some finish remaining. Even has the original nipples.
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Item Code ag0196, Price £3500 (GBP)
A good quality double barrelled 26 bore (.56") two groove percussion rifle by Venables of Oxford. 30" London Proved twist barrels with multi leaf sights. Detented bolted locks nicely engraved with a tiger on one and a leopard of the other. Trigger guard with spur engraved with deer and scroll foliage retaining some original blueing. Well figured stock. Excellent untouched condition. The rifle metal parts have been coated with linseed oil which has hardened over the years and has protected them. All the engraving is crisp and some very careful cleaning could improve what is already a really nice rifle and reveal more of the original finish. Very good bright crisp bores with sharp rifling. A good example of a British mid 19th century muzzle loading stalking rifle.
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Item Code ag0197, Price £3200 (GBP)
A very good quality single barrelled 14 bore (.700") percussion rifle by C. Maybury 15 St. Marys Square Birmingham. Heavy octagonal twist barrel rifled with 5 grooves. Very well engraved with a naive tiger on the patch box and tigers head at the breech. Scroll foliage overall. Lovely condition with most of the original barrel brown and case colours remaining. Superb bright bore and crisp rifling. 30 1/4" barrel. Minor old repair to the forend in front of the lock. Sharp checkering. A really attractive rifle in untouched and original condition.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0195, Price £3250 (GBP)
A very rare four barrel turnover 38 bore (.49") calibre percussion pistol by Joseph Lang 22, Cockspur st. London. When the top two barrels have been fired the barrel block is turned over to present two more loaded barrels. Complete with a belt hook on one side. Overall 9" with 4" barrels. Excellent condition retaining some case colours and original blue. A high quality pistol by one of the best London gunmakers.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0181, Price £9250 (GBP)
A very fine quality and extremely rare 30B (approximately .55") double barrelled breech loading percussion rifle by Calisher & Terry serial no. 6797. William Terry was granted British Patent No. 843 of 7 April 1856 for bolt-action 'Terry's Patent' rifles. Double versions of this pattern of rifle are extremely rare and I suspect that due to the cost, only a few were ever made. Five groove rifling and superb bore. The rifle would use a paper cartridge which would contain powder and a bullet. This would be placed in the breech which was then locked by the bolt, the nipple capped and hammer cocked ready to fire. Barrels (30" to the end of the breeches) are a fine twist and retain most of their original browning. Detented locks with dolphin hammers. Nicely engraved on locks, breeches and furniture. Retains much original finish and is absolutely untouched. This exact rifle is pictured on pages 75 and 165 of Brian Knapps excellent book on the Calisher & Terry rifle which has just been published.
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Item Code ag0178, Price £1375 reduced to £1200 to clear A best quality 12B double barrelled pinfire shotgun by John Rigby of Dublin and London. Made to Needhams Patent no. 1544 of 1862, it is a snap action which automatically half cocks the hammers when the lever is pressed before opening the breech. Bar in wood action and locks with wooden forend. Typical very attractive Rigby etched barrels 29 7/8". Well figured stock. Made in 1866 and described in Rigby's records as a "Best double gun to Needhams patent made for R. Boyd". Good crisp condition. Some internal pitting to the barrels. All completely original and untouched other than the side lever which I think may be a working life replacement. gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0174, Price £1525 reduced to £1250 to clear (GBP)
A 16B pinfire shotgun by Westley Richards using their patent top lever, dolls head and locking system. Bar in wood action with wooden knuckle and forend. Barrels 29 7/8". Very good condition. No finish but pretty crisp and an attractive gun.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0170, Price £1650 reduced to £1450 (GBP)
A good volunteer .577 snider two band rifle retailed by Rigby and rifled with 5 grooves. 33" barrel. Excellent condition. Lots of original blue and a bright bore with crisp rifling.
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Item Code ag0189, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good quality single barreled 25B percussion rifle by Samuel & Charles Smith Princess st. Leicester Square, London made in 1827. Detented lock with rear safety and a pretty octagonal 26" damascus barrel with 9 groove rifling for patch ball and folding leaf sights. London proof marks. Original ramrod. Platinum vent plug. Nicely scroll engraved and with highly figured stock with cheek piece. Very good condition. A good example of an early light rifle by one of the best London makers of the time.
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Item Code ag0184, Price SOLD (GBP)
A "Best" .450 3 1/4" black powder double rifle by Alexander Henry Edinburgh serial no.4666. 28" damascus barrels with good sharp rifling. Back action rebounding locks with stalking safetys by Joseph Brazier. Well figured stock with cheek piece and fine acanthus engraving overall on the locks, action and furniture. Matted top rib and leaf sights for 100 and 200 yards. There is a butt trap in the pistol grip for spare foresights and the butt has top and heel plates. Serial no. 4666 was completed on 7th August 1879 for Henry Holdich of Hungerford. The rifle was subsequently sold to Henry Aubrey Coventry who was the secretary of the famous London live pigeon club The Hurlingham Gun Club. Coventry then sent the rifle back to Alexander Henry for new .450 damascus barrels to be fitted and these were numbered 6279 and are shown in the Alex. Henry records as made for 4666.
Excellent condition. Engraving crisp and a very good bore. A good example of a best quality black powder breechloading rifle by one of the best rifle makers in the world at that time.
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Item Code ag0194, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good Colt Pocket .31 cal. percussion revolver with 6" barrel. Made in 1853. Excellent condition with crisp cylinder scene of a stage coach holdup. All matching numbers and a lot of the silver plating on the brass back strap and trigger guard remains. Grip retains most of the original varnish. Barrel still has most of its original blue. A very good example or a pre-American Civil War handgun.
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Item Code ag0193, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good Sea Service or Coast Guard model 1842 pattern British Naval issue percussion pistol. Dated 1855 on the lock and profusely ordnance marked. The contractors name Thomas Turner (a prominent Birmingham gunmaker) is stamped on the opposite side to the lock with the stockers name below. Excellent condition with crisp markings and a considerable amount of blue remaining which is unusual for this pattern of service pistol. Made just in time for the Crimean War. Hard to find in this condition.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0191, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good example of a Tranter No.2 .320 rimfire 7 shot revolver in it's original burr walnut case with accessories. Retailed by Cogswell & Harrison of Strand London. Dates back to the 1860-70 period. Single action only with sheath trigger. Very crisp with most blue to the barrel and in sheltered areas. Case in lovely condition with all the compartment covers. As this is a rim fire it is not affected by the recent changes to the Obsolete Calibre List and still remains on the list and can be owned as an antique or curio without any certificate or license.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0191, Price SOLD (GBP)
An absolutely stunning "Best Quality" .500 x 3" black powder express double rifle by Alexander Henry Edinburgh in it's original leather and oak case with a few accessories. The rifle was made in 1882 for Baron Lucien De Hirsch (1856 - 87) who was from one of the worlds richest families. Born in Brussels and died in Paris. Profusely engraved with 26" damascus barrels and matted top rib. Underlever action. Typical back action Alex Henry rebounding locks made by Brazier with stalking safeties. Highly figured stock with crisp checkering and fitted with a Silvers recoil pad. Superb condition with much of the original case colour remaining and most of the original barrel brown. So hard to find in this untouched condition. Bright crisp bore. One of the best examples you will see.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0185, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very interesting quasi military .65" calibre percussion pistol which resembles an East India Company pistol. The lock is engraved GRINDLAY & CO AGENCY . It is Birmingham proved and between the proof marks is stamped H.B & Co. who presumably were the makers. This stamp is also on the stock underneath the butt. Grindlay & Co. were a Bank and Agency started by Captain Robert Melville Grindlay ex- 7th Bombay Native Infantry. Initially the bank was based in London but in 1854 offices were opened in Calcutta. The company helped EIC officers in many ways and I believe also some Indian Princes. They operated as both a bank and travel agent as well as a number of other helpful services to Indian Civil Servants. This pistol may well have been used by Grindlay employees or guards in India and has an interesting connection to the EIC. The pistol measures 15" overall with a barrel of 9". It is in superb condition. Very crisp with most of the original barrel blue and very crisp markings.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0180, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good example of a brass barrelled livery pistol of the late 18th Century of about .58" calibre with a 9 1/8" barrel. Made by Dunderdale & Mabson who were prolific Birmingham gunmaking families of the period. Minor tight age crack by the lock screw but otherwise in very good condition and an attractive pistol.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0188, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very high quality double barrelled 12B pinfire shotgun by John Lyell of Aberdeen. Beatifully shaped hammers and an unusual and very attractive scalloped action under the locks. Superb engraving all over and a very distinctive looking gun. Highly figured stock with a pistol grip and heel & toe plates. 30" well figured damascus barrels London proved. Bar action Brazier locks. This shotgun is from the collection of the late Geoffrey Boothroyd and is illustrated on pages 138-139 of his book "The Shotgun History & Development" . Apparently Boothroyd bought this gun from James Crockart gunsmith in Perth Scotland in 1956 for £2 10 shillings. It was sold in Christies auction of his collection on 20 March 2002 (lot 5). Excellent condition with some original colour hardening and barrel brown. Tight action and good bores.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0183, Price SOLD (GBP)
A cased pair of 13 bore percussion Officers pistols signed REEVES & CO. LONDON with browned twist sighted barrels each engraved 'London' on the sighting flat, case-hardened breeches each engraved with foliage on the flat and with platinum plug, foliate engraved case-hardened tangs each with back-sight, signed border engraved case-hardened flat locks each with engraved safety-catch and decorated with foliated scrollwork, hammers en suite, figured full stocks (one with small nicks along the bottom edge of the side-flat) each with chequered rounded butt, blued steel trigger-guards each with pineapple finial and decorated with foliate scrollwork on the border engraved bow, silver escutcheons each engraved with owner's crest, stirrup ramrods in original brass-mounted lined and fitted mahogany case with some accessories including mainspring clamp, Sykes brass-mounted powder-flask, cleaning rod and fittings, nipple key with pricker, hardwood pot with spare nipples and ball mould marked WD for William Davis. Birmingham proof marks. Excellent condition with quite a bit of the original finish and stock varnish remaining. Barrels measure 8" and the pistols measure 13 1/2" overall. A real pair of man stoppers! Reeves was a Birmingham gunmaker who was known to mark his pistols "London". I don't know whether he had a London shop or if this was just a selling tool.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0175, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality pair of .44" percussion pocket pistols by William Child 280 Strand London. Side hammers and concealed triggers which pop out when the pistols are full cocked. Finely checkered grips with silver escutcheons. Octagonal case hardened barrels measure 3" and the pistols are 7 1/4" overall. In excellent condition with lots of the original colour case hardened finish remaining.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0160, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good Volunteer Enfield .577 two band percussion rifle by Joseph Harkom Edinburgh. Three groove rifling. Nicely engraved. Complete with snap cap nipple protector. Excellent condition. Very crisp with even smooth patina on the barrel. Good bright bore with sharp rifling.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0169, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality .577 single barrelled percussion sporting rifle by Davison of Newcastle (there is a George Davison and a William Davison working in Newcastle from the 1820's - probably having moved from Alnwick ) in it's original brass bound mahogany case with some interesting accessories.
30 1/4" octagonal twist barrel with leaf sights and steel sight protectors. Set trigger. Birmingham proofmarks. The rifle has a ramrod and a separate loading or cleaning rod with ebony knob and a range of screw-on accessories including a powder measure, rammer end and various cleaning tools. There is a spare hammer and lock screw and a ramrod guide which slots in the muzzle. Very good condition with some original finish remaining. Minor age crack to the case lid.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0168, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very sleepy and untouched pair of high quality 20 bore flintlock officers pistols by George Davison of Alnwick in their original oak case. About 1815 with safety bolted locks and roller frizzens. Gold tablets in the breeches stamped Davison Alnwick. The barrels have their original browning and are 7 7/8" long. The case also contains a superb condition three way powder flask (all lacquer) a rod and a lock brush. Very good condition and untouched sleepers. Very crisp with lots of original finish underneath dirt and some surface rust. One pistol has a broken trigger but the piece broken off is still with the pistols so could easily be repaired. I have deliberately not cleaned these pistols to allow the new owner that privilege. It is so hard now to find untouched pistols!
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0166, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good example of a 12B Needham Patent snap action pinfire shotgun. The side lever is depressed which half cocks the hammers and then opens the barrels. This is their patent 1544 of 1862. Quite a rare gun. Damascus barrels 29 3/4" long Very good condition and an untouched sleeper. Crisp with strong traces of original finish.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0167, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare J.D. Dougall Lockfast patent 12B double barrelled pinfire shotgun. The patent is interesting in that when the lever is pushed down the barrels first cam forward before they drop down. They close by camming back onto raised discs on the breech face which securely stop them from any lateral movement. The lockfast patent arose in the early 1860's and underwent several changes during the 1860's. Barrels 30". Very good condition and an untouched sleeper. Crisp with some traces of original finish.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0172, Price £SOLD (GBP)
A couple of Turkish, Indo-Persian or North African Miquelet flintlocks. Good condition. Don't know much about them but very decorative, genuine (not tourist or bazar rubbish) and they look as though they may be signed underneath - please see the photos.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0171, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .450 Westley Richards Monkey tail cavalry carbine retailed by Isaac Hollis & Sons London and also marked with a crown on the lock. 20" barrel. Very good condition. Crisp markings but with the usual service wear.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0155, Price SOLD (GBP)
A really good Colt Pocket .31 calibre percussion revolver serial no. 300119 dating from 1868. Excellent crisp condition with quite a bit of original finish remaining. All matching numbers. Clear case colours of the frame and loading lever.Nearly all the original blueing on the barrel. Clear cylinder scene. This is a great example from a private collection.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0154, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality double barrelled 27 bore percussion shotgun by John Blissett of 322 High Holborn London. This would probably have been made for a youth or possibly a lady. Barrels are 25" and the butt to front trigger is 14". A really pretty and cute gun in lovely untouched condition with lots of original finish.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0165, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good example of a Westley Richards 12B double barrelled snap action pinfire shotgun with their patent top lever. Pretty crisp and untouched. Well figured stock. Very good condition. The horn forend tip is missing. I think these were glued in as there doesn't appear to be any damage to the wood so it has presumably just dropped out.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0163, Price SOLD (GBP)
A pair of unfinished but London proved 32 bore two groove percussion rifle barrels. They are 23 3/8" to the breech plugs. Rusty condition but good quality and worth restoring.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0159, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare 25 bore (approx. .56") rifled flintlock cavalry carbine by Durs Egg made at the beginning of the 19th Century. This is one of only eight of this pattern known and came from the Armory at Shirburn Castle, Oxforshire which was the home of the Earl of Macclesfield. Very unusual "hand rail" butt. Side saddle bar. Rifled with seven grooves. 24" barrel and 36" overall. Excellent crisp condition. Superb provenance and a historic piece. This and the other seven carbines were sold out of Shirburn Castle Armory in about 2004 when the Earl of Macclesfield left the castle. They presumably were originally ordered to arm a small contingent of volunteer cavalry at the castle.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0158, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Colt London 1851 .36 calibre Navy percussion revolver in it's original factory case with the original accessories. Made in 1853. All matching numbers. Excellent condition. It came from a private collection. I think the lid escutcheon may have been replaced or engraved recently.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0157, Price SOLD (GBP)
An absolutely stunning Colt London 1849 .31 calibre pocket percussion revolver in it's original factory case with the original accessories. Made in 1855. The original owners initials are engraved on the back strap. Excellent crisp condition with a considerable amount of original finish and crisp cylinder scene. All matching numbers. The James Dixon flask is also in amazing condition. This is a rare opportunity to buy a cased Colt in this condition. It came from a private collection.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0156, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good Colt 1860 Army .44 calibre percussion revolver with US military markings serial no.76677 dating from 1862 so mid American Civil War. Excellent crisp condition with some original finish remaining. All matching numbers. Good clear cartouches on the grips and numerous inspectors stamps around the revolver. Clear cylinder scene. This is a very good example from a private collection.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0151, Price SOLD (GBP)
A really good volunteer three band Snider .577" rifle by Thomas Turner. Lots of finish. Untouched. Very good bore.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0150, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare British military issue Westley Richards Patent Monkeytail .450 breech loading percussion carbine. This was manufactured at Enfield in 1865 and is complete with the original tools which are housed in the butt. 20" barrel with carbine ladder sight. Profusely marked with Ordnance markings and stamped as a first class arm. Some service wear as you would expect. There is a tight crack to the stock on the reverse side which terminates at the lock screw.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0146, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality very sleepy 22 bore (.62") percussion rifle by Southall. Set trigger and bolted lock. Round 30 1/4" barrel with top flat and multi leaf sight. Spare side nail (lock screw) in the underside of the butt. When I bought this rifle it was covered in thick soot and it had obviously hung in a room with open fire for many years. I have removed a lot of the soot but it would improve further with a careful clean. All the engraving is crisp and the barrel retains a lot of the original browning. The bore is very good. The lock needs cleaning as the sliding safety is frozen and the set trigger won't set (feels gunged up inside) but a very sleepy untouched rifle.Well engraved and all original. Steel ramrod.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0130, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 15B double barrelled percussion shotgun by H. Nock London. 30" barrels and back action locks engraved with dogs and pheasants. There is a spare lock screw in a rosette in the bottom of the butt stock. Dirty, sleepy, untouched and good condition. The right hand nipple is broken and both nipples need replacing. The gun would improve with a careful clean but hasn't been messed with.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0149, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very high quality double percussion 15 bore two groove rifle by W.A. Beckwith London in it's original case with some accessories. Unusually the barrels, mould and ramrod have a serial number 2747 and the trigger guard has a serial number 2571 although they definitely were made for each other. The rifle and the case carry the name and address of the original owner William Boyle who was a jeweller in Cheapside London so some more research to be done. The case is superbly figured mahogany and the fittings are all gilded. The name escutcheon on the rifle together with the cross bolt escutcheons appear to be gold which matches the makers name on the rib and was probably a special order because the customer was a jeweller. Very good condition.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0124, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good 3 band Volunteer .577 snider rifle by James Kerr & Co. also know as LAC the London Armoury Company. 39" barrel. Excellent condition. Excellent bore. Incorrect cleaning rod.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0135, Price SOLD (GBP)
A really superb and rare double barrelled 8 Bore percussion shotgun in it's original case. Made by B. Cogswell and subsequently rebarrelled by Cogswell and Harrison sometime during the 19th Century. 32 3/4" barrels. The butt has an old leather extension/recoil pad which looks to have been on the gun for most of it's life. Perfect bore. Excellent condition with some original finish. The oak case has a loading rod, jag and 8B wad cutter. A great sleepy set.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0148, Price SOLD (GBP)
An ultra rare Harvey of Exeter patent 74B percussion revolver in it's original case with accessories. The hammer is inside the frame and the rammer lever underneath the barrel detaches and is the stripping tool for the revolver incorporating a nipple key and turnscrew. The revolver was presented to John James Cann in 1861 by the E.M.C so there is reasearch to be done by the purchaser. The whole set is beautifully made and of very high quality. The bullet mould is numbered to the pistol and the wad punch is stamped 74 as is the bullet mould. The oil bottle is marked James Dixon & Sons. The oak case is numbered to the revolver. A really great set in nice condition. Some colour and everything crisp. A very rare opportunity for the advanced revolver collector who has everything.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0134, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good 2 band British issue Snider MK III .577 short rifle by BSA dated 1872. 30.5" barrel with 5 groove rifling. Well ordnance marked all over and stamped as a first class arm. This is the last model snider, with a steel barrel and was a new manufactred arm rather than a conversion from an Enfield. Excellent condition with a good bore and some original finish. A very good example of this desirable rifle.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0145, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .577/450 Westley Richards Improved Martini carbine. 21" barrel rifled with 7 grooves. Folding leaf sight (one leaf missing) and nicely engraved action. Well figured stock with crisp checkering and Silvers type recoil pad. Probably originally sent to the South Africa market where these Westley Richards carbines were very popular. Very good condition. Barrel retains some blue mixed with patina. Bore is good and the action works. Would probably benefit from stripping and a careful clean.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0147, Price SOLD (GBP)
A large 38 bore (.50") Adams percussion dragoon revolver made by William Tranter and numbered 20,631Y within their numbering system which started at 20,000Y. Retailed by Thomas Jackson 29, Edward st. London and so engraved along the barrel flat. Unusual in that the cylinder revolves anti clockwise (standard Adams revolvers rotate clockwise). Dates from the early 1850's and could well have been used in the Crimean War. Measures 13 1/2" overall with a 8" barrel. Crisp condition with some blue remaining.
gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun  gun 
Item Code ag0142, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good flintlock 1801 Pattern Sea Service Pistol. Barrel stamped with inspection marks and Tower proofs, barrel tang stamped with crown inspection mark, flat border engraved lock with 'GR' crowned and 'TOWER' across the tail, and struck below the pan with crowned broad arrow mark. Ring necked cock, varnished full-stock with raised apron and profusely stamped with inspectors marks including the date 1805. Regulation brass mounts, iron belt hook and brass tipped ramrod. Very good sleepy condition. Most of these pistols were sold out of the Tower of London in the 1960's and so many have been cleaned bright. This one is uncleaned and retains it's patina. Ramrod may be a replacement but is the correct type. This pistol is dated 1805 and could have been at Trafalgar!
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0143, Price SOLD (GBP)
A nice example of a single shot .44 rimfire Bulldog deringer type pistol by Connecticut Arms & manufacturing Co. of Naubuc Connecticut USA. Dates to 1866-68 and one of only several hundred made. A very solid and well made pistol. Very good condition. Crisp with traces of original finish. Measures 8" overall.
gun gun gungungungungun 
Item Code ag0136, Price SOLD (GBP)
A British version of a Smith & Wesson model 1 1/2 .32 rimfire revolver by William Rochester Pape of Newcastle in it's original walnut case with some accessories. Checkered grip and London proof marks. Very good condition with some original finish. There is a minor crack to the walnut veneer of the case lid which you can see in the photos. The walnut case contains a turnscrew and a pewter oil bottle by G & J. W. Hawksley.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0141, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare 54 bore percussion Kerr Patent single action revolver in it's original oak case with original accessories. The revolver has the retailers name Edwin Wilson Horncastle engraved on the top of the barrel which is also stamped LAC .The case has a great London Armoury Company trade label and the twin cavity bullet mould is stamped LAC . Very good condition with lots of original finish remaining on the revolver and flask. The leather cap bag with Kerr label is particularly rare. The oak case is in very good condition internally but has suffered a little externally with several repairs and damage around the hinges. It looks as though at some time past the case has been forced open at the hinge side and subsequently repaired. Probably capable of being improved. A great opportunity to obtain a rare set.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0140, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very large percussion belt pistol with concealed folding trigger that would have been carried for personal protection during the 19th Century. Engraved D. Smith London along the barrel although it is Birmingham proved. Measures 12" overall. Calibre is 20 gauge (.636"). Captive ramrod. Very good condition with traces of original finish remaining. Some pepper pitting on the belthook.
gun gun gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0137, Price SOLD (GBP)
A detached lock for the British military issue Greens carbine with Maynard tape primer. These carbines were supplied to the British war department by Massachusetts Arms Co. I think they must have supplied extra locks as spares because this doesn't look as though it has ever been on a carbine. Great untouched condition with lots of orignal case colours and orignal grease.
gun gun gun
Item Code ag0139, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality German pinfire cape rifle with a 16B smoothbore barrel and a 15mm rifle barrel with set trigger. Eight groove rifling and a good bore. 28 3/4" twist barrels. Well figured stock with cheek piece. Excellent crisp condition and very well engraved with deer and a wild boar.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0138, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare British military issue .577 Sharps cavalry carbine. 6000 were purchased by the British govenment and issued to several cavalry regiments between 1856 and 1858. This one is marked to the 6th Dragoons who were in India during and after the Indian Muntiny so this carbine could have been used there. 18" barrel with multi leaf sights and 3 groove rifling. Very good condition with expected service wear.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0117, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Calisher & Terry breech loading percussion 30 bore sporting rifle serial no. 558. This speciman was retailed by J.B. Palmer but is marked C&T inside the lock. The rifle used a paper cartridge which was inserted into the breech and a percussion cap was then placed on the nipple and the rifle was fired. Good bore with 5 groove rifleing. Octagonal twist barrel 29" to the breech block. Great untouched condition. Engraving crisp. Leopard head on the lock and a wild boar head on the trigger guard.Original stock varnish. A rare rifle and a good quality example.
gun gun gungungungungun gun 
Item Code ag0133, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality percussion overcoat pistol by T. Wilson & Co. Liverpool. Barrel 4" and overall 9". Untouched condition. Minor tight shake on one side of the stock above the lock. Pretty crisp engraving and platinum vent plug.
gun gun gungungungungun gun 
Item Code ag0127, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality mahogany gun case with a label for H. Holland 98, New Bond st. London. will take upto 30 3/4" barrels. Remains of original lining and some partitions. Very good condition and lovely colour. There is an old crack to the lid which stops after about 10" and could be filled to make it invisible if desired.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0128, Price SOLD (GBP)
A superb .577 Braendlin Albini Patent three band rifle retailed by H. Holland and supplied as one of only 500 rifles which were ordered by the South Australian Government in 1867. It is in fantastic untouched condition with virtually all the original finish. Well figured stock and excellent bore. Probably unused. This order for rifles is summarised in a very interesting article at A very rare opportunity to acquire one of these rifles in virtually mint condition.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0132, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare and unusual mid 19th century two band .577" percussion rifle which bears a resemblence to the .577" Enfield rifle. The lock and barrel and very similar to an Enfield but the crescent buttplate and trigger guard are different to the standard service Enfield. The barrel is rifled with three grooves and is 34 1/2" long. There looks to have been something engraved on top of the barrel near the breech which has been removed. In superb untouched and uncleaned condition with lots of finish. The ramrod has brass covers in two places to avoid wear on the inside of the barrel. The only markings are underneath the barrel and are shown in one of the photos. It is possible that the N&H stamped under the barrel could be Northall & Hands who were listed in 1861 for Gun and Pistol Maker at 9 Upper Hospital Street, Birmingham. Is this some sort of experimental prototype or possibly made for export to the USA or even Russia? Much cheaper than you could buy a standard Enfield in this condition.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0129, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare Farquharson .461 Gibbs falling block military match target rifle by George Gibbs with Metford patent rifleing. Very good condition with some original finish on the barrel. Good bore. The glass in the spirit level in the rear sight is broken. The rifle is complete with a James Dixon foresight protector. Farquharson rifles rarely come on the market and were highly prized as breech loading target rifles in their day.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0125, Price SOLD (GBP)
Another very good Volunteer .577 snider rifle by the famous rifle maker Thomas Turner of Fisher st. Birmingham. 39" barrel. Superb condition with most of the original finish and a great bore.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0123, Price £SOLD (GBP)
A very rare British issue 3 band Mark III .577 snider rifle dated 1871 in superb condition. It is very rare to find military issue rifles in this sort of condition and this is a rifle for a serious collector of British military arms. 39" barrel. Superb completely original condition with nearly all the original case colours and blue. Bore is virtually mint. Profusely marked with government inspectors stamps - even the screw heads have broad arrows. Difficult to fault.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0122, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 34B overcoat flintlock pistol with screw off barrel by Twigg London c.1790-1800. 3 1/2" barrel. Measures 8 1/2" overall. Concealed trigger. Tower of London private proof marks. Very good condition.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0101, Price SOLD (GBP)
An East India Company .65" calibre percussion service pistol made in Britain prior to the Indian Mutiny for use by Indian troops. London proof marks. Stamped with the EIC lion on the lock and on the stock together with the stockers name. The inside of the lock is stamped Davis who was presumably the contractor who made the lock. In much better condition than normally encountered with this model of pistol and very sleepy and untouched. Measures 15 3/4" overall.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0126, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 10B pinfire double barrelled shotgun by C. Maybury using Dougall Lockfast Patent closure. 27" barrels which cam forward before dropping as per the Dougall Patent. Birmingham proof marks as an 11 bore but in reality it takes a 10B cartridge case. Retains lots of case colours and barrel brown. All the engraving is crisp. Excellent condition. Stock extension and toe and heel but plates with a checkered panel between. A very good looking gun with an interesting patent.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0119, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality Gentlemans Volunteer .577" Enfield percussion rifle by Forrest & Sons Jedburgh Scotland. Full stocked with two cross bolts rather than barrel bands. Break off breech and borderline engraved lock and fittings. 33" barrel rifled with three grooves. Excellent condition. Most barrel blue remains. Excellent bore. Minor crack to forend near the muzzle which you can see in the photos.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0121, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good 54B Beaumont Adams percussion revolver made by Calisher & Terry and retailed by Robert Adams 76, King William street London c.1860. Very good condition with lots of the original blue remaining. A sleepy untouched pistol.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0110, Price £SOLD (GBP)
A Birmingham proved percussion pistol made for the East India Government in 1871. Extremely well marked with various EIG ordnance stamps. The stock is stamped Joseph Bourne & Son who were the makers. Superb untouched all original condition. All the original blue remains on the barrel and the lock has bright case colours. I have had three of these in the last 12 years and this is the best one in terms of condition. I don't think they ever came out of store and it looks unfired. If you like mint condition military pistols this is a good example.
gun gun gungungungungun 
Item Code ag0114, Price £SOLD (GBP)
A very nice three band volunteer Enfield .577" cal. rifle. Lovely untouched all original condition. A lot of the original blue remains on the barrel.Crisp checkering to the stock. Good bore.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0115, Price £SOLD (GBP)
A superb three band volunteer .577" Enfield rifle by the famous London Gunmaker James Wilkinson. In stunning condition with nearly all the original blue on the barrel and strong case colours on the lock.Good bore.Would be hard to find a better example. Interestingliy there is a patent ramrod catch marked E. Hollis Patentee Birmingham. Very small chip in the wood at the breech.
gun gun gungungungungun gun 
Item Code ag0116, Price £SOLD (GBP)
A good quality but plain double barrelled 14B percussion shotgun by Mortimer London. Barrels 29 1/2". In very good condition with quite a bit of the original finish remaining. Well figured stock and nice twist barrels. One hammer has had the top expertly replaced but not easy to see and well done. Ramrod is missing the worm.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0120, Price SOLD (GBP)
A flintlock 20 bore light fusil or sporting gun by J & W Richards c.1810. 36" barrel. Brass furniture engraved with a stand of arms. Finely checkered wrist and forend. Very good condition. There are a couple of minor short cracks near the sideplate which you can see in the photos. The cock catches sometimes at half cock when it is lowered, but when fired it doesn't catch. Richards private proof mark.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0118, Price SOLD (GBP)
A superb percussion .451" sporting or match prize rifle by Charles Ingram, Glasgow. Very high quality and unusual in that the barrel is mounted so that the angle of the octagon lies along the sighting line. I believe this is a feature unique to Ingram rifles. This rifle was a prize in a rifle match on 10th September 1861 shot for by the 1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers and won by James Anderson. The silver escutcheon also carries his initials. It is complete with it's original canvas case which also bears the initials "JA". The rifle is fitted with windage adjustable target sights and is covered in superb engraving. Barrel is 32". Fine condition with most of it's original finish. Well figured stock and sharp untouched checkering. Mint bore. The case has been amateurishly relined inside with new baize and really should be redone properly. Otherwise a superb example of the best of Scottish gunmaking. The photos just don't do this rifle justice.
gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0104, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very high quality Scottish percussion sporting rifle of 60 bore (.43" calibre) by George Forrest & Sons of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. The rifle was made in 1861 for Dr. Adam Brunton Messer and is complete with a letter from Forrest to Dr. Messer dated 1861 relating to the rifle and an original photo of Messer in it's original frame inscribed on the reverse of the frame. The rifle measures 47 1/2" overall with a 31 1/2" barrel. It is beautifully engraved and has a highly figured stock. Serial no 844 and even the cross bolt is numbered. Bolted locks. Very interesting provenance and Messer had an interesting Military career - see the Obiturary in the photos. The rifle is also complete with the hooded foresight refered to in the Forrest letter. A great opportunity to acquire a high quality Scottish rifle with provenance. Very good crisp condition. Good bore. Some pepper pitting on the barrel. There are two minor cracks to the forend in front of the trigger guard, but these seem to disappear after about 1 1/2" and don't show inside the forend so are not very deep or of consequence.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun >
Item Code ag0113, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality percussion duelling or target pistol by the famous French maker Le Page. The calibre is about 13.5mm or .53". Barrel is 10" and the pistol is 15 1/2" overall. The barrel is beautiful etched fine damascus and the lock and furniture are well engraved. Excellent bore. Excellent overall condition. There is a small chip to the front of the hammer nose.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0052, Price SOLD (GBP)
A percussion overcoat pistol with spring bayonet by E. Whitfield & Sons. Birmingham proof marks. 10 1/2" long overall with the bayonet open. Excellent condition retaining a great deal of the original finish.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0111, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Beaumont Adams 54 bore percussion revolver complete with it's very rare original holster pouch and belt. The revolver was retailed by Charles McLoughlin of Cheltenham and the holster is stamped Hamilton's Colonial Saddlery. Very good condition and came from South Africa which was probably where the holster was made for the original owner sometime in the 19th Century.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0098, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 16B (approx. .65" calibre) Officers flintlock pistol of the Napoleonic War period by Henry Nock London.Very good quality and well engraved. Flat sides to the butt. Measures 14 3/4" overall Very good crisp condition.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0105, Price SOLD (GBP)
An Enfield three band .577" rifle with 3 groove rifleing by London Armoury Company ( LAC ). Very good crisp condition. Good bore. Some original finish remaining. Dated 1862. The LAC Enfield rifles were always highly regarded and are getting harder to find in this condition.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0108, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Pattern 1842 percussion Royal Navy issue sea service pistol of .56" calibre. Dated 1849 and profusely stamped with Board of Ordnance markings together with the stockers or contractors name T. Dodd. Measures 11 1/4" overall. This pistol is unusual because it has a brass plate engraved with the rack number. A nice example in better than average condition.
gun gun gungun>
Item Code ag0106, Price SOLD (GBP)
An early 19th Century single barrelled 18 bore flintlock shotgun by B & N Redfern. Barrel 31 3/4" long. Brass furniture nicely engraved. Some repairs and wear, but generally good condition. A cheap flint shotgun.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0107, Price SOLD (GBP)
A mid 19th Century 10 bore double barrelled percussion shotgun by Frederick Sharp of Tindell. barrells 32". Nice twist barrels with good colour. Good overall condition.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0099, Price SOLD (GBP)
A percussion pistol with spring bayonet. Brass frame engraved Sale Shipston and Birmingham proof marks under the barrel. Measures 7 1/2" overall with bayonet closed. Very good condition. The bayonet is missing the spring.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0102, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Pattern 1842 percussion Royal Navy issue sea service pistol of .56" calibre. Dated 1855 and profusely stamped with Board of Ordnance markings together with the Contractors name Tipping & Lawden. Measures 11 1/4" overall. A good example in better than average condition.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0103, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare British Cavalry Officers rifled pistol marked " J. Pettingells Improved Cavalry Pistol " on the barrel. The butt ends in a chisel type blade or skull crusher which may be the improvement referred to. Bar lock with sliding safety. Captive ramrod. Multi groove rifleing. Measures 14" overall. Very good untouched sleepy condition. The engraving is crisp and there are traces of original finish. The spring retaining the captive rammer in the stock is either missing or defective. There is a slight wobble on the hammer but I am certain it is the original hammer. The sliding safety is frozen. This is an incredibly rare pistol and a real find for the cavalry collector.
gun gun gungungungungungun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0100, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare and very good quality approximately 54B percussion pepperbox revolver pistol by W & J. Rigby Dublin serial no. 9341 for 1844. It is unusual in that it is a six shot whereas most pepperbox revolvers tend to be five shot. Measures 8" overall and quite heavy. Very good condition. Pretty crisp. It has, at some time in the distant past, received a knock on the left grip resulting in a gouge and small chunk missing with a minor crack to the wood. It could easily be repaired but, as it has obviously been done during the working life of the gun, I personally would leave it as part of the pistols history.
gun gun gungungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0069, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .65" calibre percussion carbine by John Dickson & Son of Edinburgh. According to the well known author Donald Dallas this carbine was one of 6 carbines made for the British Linen Bank in the 1840's. Superb sleepy and untouched all original condition. Most of the original bright blue remains on the barrel and the lock retains the case colours. This is a high quality version of a pattern similar to the 1844 Volunteer Yeomanry carbine by a Best Maker. The lock is signed inside J. Brazier who was the premier lockmaker of the mid 19th Century. The walnut stock is well figured. This is probably a unique opportunity to buy a carbine in this condition with an interesting provenance.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0095, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .65" calibre percussion pistol made in Birmingham in 1871 for the East Indian Government (formerlly East India Company). It retains virtually all it's original finish. I believe these were held in store and never issued, hence the absolutely fabulous condition which is all original. Marked with British proof marks and EIG ordnance markings together with the stockers or setters up name Joseph Bourne & Son who was a prominent Birmingham gunmaker. There are no Indian markings on the pistol and it is guaranted to be exactly as originally supplied in 1871. If you want ot own a British made Victorian military pistol in "as issued" condition - this is an opportunity to indulge yourself.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0075, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Guedes M1885 single shot 8mm x 60 rifle serial no. 422 and dated 1886. This was part of a batch of rifles manufactured by Steyr in Austria for the Portuguese Government. The order was subsequently cancelled in favour of a repeating rifle and the Guedes single shot rifles were sold to the Boer Republics in South Africa. This rifle has been sporterised by having the forend shortened (a common Boer practice to lighten the rifle). It is in excellent very crisp condition with most of the original blue remaining. There is a gouge in the right hand side of the butt which could be fairly easily filled. These rifles are rare and hard to find.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0093, Price SOLD (GBP)
A large 16B manstopper percussion pistol with turnoff barrel. Birmingham proof marks. No makers name. This is like an overgrown pocket pistol but much bigger. Measures 9" overall. Very good crisp condition. Barrel unscrews.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0094, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare percussion double barrelled knife or dagger pistol by Dumouthier Paris. Single trigger which fires the right barrel first.Overall length is 12 3/4". Complete with it's original sheath shaped to accomodate the barrels. Excellent condition. Retains a lot of the original blade polish. Horn grips.
gun gun gungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0072, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .300 Sherwood Martini takedown rifle by Westley Richards with hand detatchable barrel and action all of which can be dismounted in seconds. Quite a bit of the original blueing remains with it turning to brown on the barrel. All the markings are crisp and the rifle is sleepy and untouched. The ladder sight is missing the sighting bar which moves up and down on the ladder. Very good bore. A small hole has been drilled through the trigger guard - I don't know the purpose unless this was for some accessory to be attached by a cord or chain.
gun gun gungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0092, Price SOLD (GBP)
A matching brace of .65" carbine bore military flintlock pistols (similar to the Light Dragoon pistol) by Thomas Rea of 16, Little Alie st. London about 1810 - 15. These would probably have been used by either a Militia or Volunteer force. Measure 15 1/2" overall. Good condition. One has a repaired cock and the other has the ramrod replaced.There are 7 woodworm holes in the forend of one pistol. A cheap brace of matching Napoleonic period pistols well worth a little bit of sympathetic mild restoration.
gun gun gungungungungun gun 
Item Code ag0090, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good example of a Starr 1858 double action .44" percussion revolver serial number 20049. This was made between 1862 and 1863 and was issued to the Union troops in the American Civil War (it has the inspectors stamp on both sides of the butt). Excellent untouched condition with 80% remaining of the original blue and very crisp markings.
gun gun gungungungungun 
Item Code ag0083, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare 16B J. R. Coopers Patent breechloading percussion shotgun made to his patent number 131 of 19th January 1853. The lever is knocked up and the breech cams back and then swigs up to the left to allow a charge or paper cartridge to be inserted. The lever is then pushed down and the breech closes and at the last point cams forward to provide a good seal with the barrel. It is engraved with the Patent details and gun number 140 on the top of the breech. The lock is engraved J.R. Cooper. Very good condition with some finish remaining on the lock, breech and trigger guard.
gun gun gungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0086, Price SOLD (GBP)
A flintlock travelling pistol with rainproof pan and roller frizzen by Evans. Octagonal 5 1/2" barrel with gold band at breach. Cock professionally replaced. Barrel pitted but pistol is uncleaned and worthy of some careful restoration. Stock retains most of the original finish and is a great colour. Ramrod missing.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun 
Item Code ag0087, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality percussion Kentucky or plains rifle made about 1840-50 by Andrew Wurfflein of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The calibre is about .54" and the octagonal barrel measures 29" to the plug which has silver and gold lines inlaid and a patent breech. Back action lock and single set trigger. There is a very fancy steel patch box and quite a bit of german silver inlay. The bottom of the butt is flat and inlaid with a percussion cap box. Typical crescent shape buttplate with long tangs. On the breach tang there is a square hole for a pillar or post apperture sight. Underneath the forend is an engraved german silver inlay. Steel ramrod. Well figured striped maple stock. Altogether a much better quality US rifle than normally encountered. Very good condition. Good bore with muti groove rifleing. Small piece of wood missing from the left side of the forend near the tip. The set trigger will not set but I think this may just need a good clean.
gun gun gungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0085, Price SOLD (GBP)
An interesting private purchase 1839 pattern musket by John Wiggan with Hanoverian bayonet catch and complete with correct pattern socket bayonet by Hill. This musket would have been one of a set probably made for a large house to arm the retainers and is numbered "2" on most parts. The butt is stamped with a crown and F being the titled owners mark. The bayonet fits perfectly but is numbered either "6" or "9" and was presumably mismatch with this musket during its working life. Barrel is 33" long and is retained by two keys. Very good condition. All markings are crisp and some original finish remains on the barrel. Excellent mirror bore.
gun gun gungungungungungun gun gun gun gun gun 
Item Code ag0084, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good mark III three band snider .577" rifle by James Kerr & Co. and also marked LAC for London Armoury Company. This model was made as a snider with a steel barrel and not converted from a muzzle loading Enfield rifle. It is stamped "3" on the butt and action and I am not sure of whether this is to signify it is a mark 3 or has some other meaning. Very good condition with lots of original finish remaining on the lock, breech and barrel. Excellent bore. One small chip to the cleaning rod channel. A very good example by one of the best makers of sniders.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0080, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality .62" calibre flintlock Officers pistol of the early 19th Century by Hamberger & Co. of London who were sword cutlers and gunmakers at 30 Kings st. Covent Garden London between 1812 - 1826. Captive stirrup ramrod. Platinum lined touchhole and platinum line at the breech. The lock has a sliding safety which locks the cock at halfcock and a roller on the frizzen. Totally untouched dirty condition with some rust and pitting to the barrel. Retains almost all the original stock varnish.
gun gun gungungungungungun
Item Code ag0065, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very good example of a percussion sea service pistol of the Crimean War period. Dated 1855 on the lock and profusely marked with inspection stamps and Board of Ordnance markings. The stock shows the usual knocks from service use and is stamped with the contractors name Hollis & Sheath who manufactured the pistol for the Board of Ordnance. The pistol has a belt hook and lanyard ring. The metal parts are in very nice condition with some original finish. Overall in a much better than normal condition encountered for this model of pistol which probably saw hard use and conditions in the Victorian Navy.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0077, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .577 percussion Enfield three band service rifle dated 1865 manufactured by London Armoury Co. and marked LAC on the lock and barrel. Various British ordnance markings on the barrel and a stock roundell dated 1869 which was presumably when it was reissued or repaired at the Ordnance Depot. Three groove rifleing. The letters FBB are branded alongside the trigger guard but I don't know the significance of this. Good condition with crisp markings and untouched patina. The barrel is not pitted externally but is a dark patina colour. The bore is good and could clean better. the slider is missing from the ladder sight.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0073, Price SOLD (GBP)
A superb cased Tranter 4th Model 54 bore percussion revolver retailed by Robert S. Garden London complete with the original accessories comprising a Tranter marked 54B bullet mould, 2 x Tranter tins, James Dixon powder flask, James Dixon oil bottle and cleaning rod. The case is mahogany and has the original label. A superb original set. The revolver retains a lot of the original bright blue finish with a few patches of rust/pitting. The accessories are all in fantastic condition. The case lock works and comes complete with key.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0082, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare and completely original leather purse type case for a small pinfire revolver probably a 5mm. There is a compartment for business cards under the first lid and then the revolver is kept in the main compartment with a close fitted velvet lining. There is also a hinged compartment for cartridges. This set is almost identical to the ones shown on page 143 of The Pinfire System by Smith & Curtis. It is far rarer than the revolver intended to fit inside. The makers mark of TD Paris is stamped on the clasp. Measures externally 14.5 mm x 7.5 mm. Good untouched condition. A great item for the advanced pinfire collector.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0081, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality Scottish 12B pinfire double barrelled shotgun by Alexander Thomson & Son 16 Union Place Edinburgh . 30 " damascus barrels and clean unpitted shiney bores. The underside of the action is scallopped to accomodate the locks whilst keeping the action as light as possible. Gold escucheon. Superb condition with lots of finish on the steel parts and original barrel brown. Highly figured stock with sharp checkering. Hard to find quality pinfires in this condition.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0074, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare and very high quality 11B Brown Bess type flintlock musket made by H. W. Mortimer & Co. in about 1800. The lock has a French pattern cock and waterproof V shape pan. The frizzen has a roller and the frizzen spring has a tension adjuster. This lock is duelling pistol quality. The stock is checkered on the wrist and forend. There is a large brass escutcheon on the wrist with the owners name H. Tripp . The musket is almost identical to the musket made for H.W. Mortimer Jnr for his service in the Law Association Volunteers and I believe this could also have been used by one of these Volunteers. See pages 84 and 85 of The Mortimer Gunmakers 1753 - 1923 by Lee Munson for an almost identical musket. This is one of the best quality muskets I have ever seen. It is in excellent condition with crisp markings and certainly collector grade.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0078, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 56 bore Adams self cocking percussion revolver serial no. 10741R. Engraved on the top strap " Deane Adams & Deane 30, King William st London Bridge ". London proof marks. Good condition with crisp engraving and untouched patina. Probably about 50% of the original blued finish remaining. A favourite choice of revolver for British Officers serving in the Crimea War and Indian Mutiny. I also have the 56 bore mould for sale in the bullet mould section that came with this revolver.
gun gun gungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0079, Price SOLD (GBP)
An original Deane Adams & Deane oak case for a 54B percussion revolver. Complete with the original lining and original trade label. The lock has been forced at some time past with some damage to the brass fitting in the lid. There is a split in the bottom panel of the case which you can see in the photo. Otherwise very good untouched condition. better. .
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0076, Price SOLD (GBP)
A matched pair of 50 bore (approx. .48") percussion travelling pistols with rifled barrels and captive ramrods. Birmingham proof marks. They are of good quality - slim and elegant with tastefull engraving. Surprisingly there is no makers name engraved on them. Presumably they were made for a retailer and for some reason their name was never engraved on the pistols. The barrels measure 5" and the pistols are 10" overall. They are in superb very crisp condition with most of the original blue, case hardening and barrel browning remaining. Minor blemishes but nearly mint and very attractive. They are unusual in that they have rifled barrels. A very sleepy pair of original untouched pistols.
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Item Code ag0067, Price SOLD (GBP)
A percussion overcoat pistol engraved with the retailers name of Smith London. Birmingham proof marks. 8 1/4" long overall with a screw off barrel. Very good condition with crisp engraving. The hammer spur has been repaired at some time past.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0044, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare Princes patent percussion capping breechloading .577 cal. rifle. London proof marks. Twist 28" barrel rifled with three grooves. The bolt underneath is pulled out and forward to allow the barrel to slide forward on rollers so that a paper cartridge can be inserted at the breech. The barrel is than pulled back and swivelled to lock and a percussion cap is placed on the nipple to fire. This sliding breech mechanism was patented by Prince in the 1850's and submitted to the Board of Ordnance for use by the British Army and despite the fact that it outshot the Enfield rifle it was not accepted. Following this rejection a testimonial was published in the Field Magazine in 1859 signed by leading gunmakers of the time (including Manton , Nock , Parker Field , and Tatham ) petitioning the Government to accept this rifle. Unfortunately again this was unsuccessful probably due to the high cost of manufacture of the mechanism. A very interesting rifle and in view of it's military configuration possibly one made for the Ordnance trials. Good condition - the barrel has been rebrowned and there is some pepper pitting on the breech. The hammer has been repaired probably during it's working life.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0071, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .577 percussion Enfield three band service rifle dated 1856. This is the second contract model with the spring barrel bands. The stock is stamped Pimlico (which was a Government ordnance depot in South London) and dated 1862 which was the date on which the rifle was refurbished and then reissued. Superb untouched condition with most of the barrel blue and very crisp markings. It is getting very very hard to find Enfield military issue rifles in this condition. The bore is rifled with three grooves and is in excellent bright unpitted condition. The stock with the usual knocks and dings associated with it's service use. Incorrect ramrod.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0070, Price SOLD (GBP)
An oak case for an Adams 54B percussion revolver by Deane Adams & Deane. Original tade label and baize on the lid and bottom. Upstand is present but all the partitions are missing. Original owners name on the lid escutcheon which may be J.E. of the Kings Dragoon Guards rather than someone with an extravagant number of initials in their name. Further research may reveal more. Measures internally 13 1/4" x 6 7/8". Very good condition.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0068, Price SOLD (GBP)
A percussion Volunteer Enfield pattern three band rifle by London Armoury Co. Dated 1865 on the lock and very nicely marked on the side of the butt with the date 1866 and the LAC address. The bore is rifled with three grooves and the bore is in superb condition. Externally the barrel is pepper pitted overall. Checkered wrist and fore end. Complete with sling swivels and the correct ramrod.
gun gun gungungungungungun
Item Code ag0051, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 4th Model Tranter 54B percussion revolver serial no. 10431T. Five shot. Double action or single action. Safety lock on the right hand side of the frame locks the cylinder. Very good condition with a lot of blue remaining. Engraving is all crisp and the bore is very good. The rammer is a contempory working life replacement probably manufactured by a local gunsmith after the original one became lost.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0057, Price SOLD (GBP)
A British issue three band .577 Enfield rifle made by London Armoury Company (LAC) in 1862. Carries LAC stamps on the barrel and lock together with British War Department stamps. Very good bore rifled with three grooves. 39" barrel. Excellent condition.
gun gun gungun
Item Code ag0066, Price SOLD (GBP)
An original early 19th Century 22B rifled carbine barrel by Robert Wheeler & Son and marked " Makers to his Majesty " . Birmingham proof marks. Dates from the 1830's. Measures 24" overall. Good bore. Excellent condition with most of the original browning and in an untouched state.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0049, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality flintlock double barrelled tap action pistol about 1810 by Richardson of Manchester with sliding top safety catch. Very clean condition and in good working order.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0058, Price SOLD (GBP)
An early percussion single barrelled shotgun made about 1825-35 by Holmes of Liverpool. Barrel 31 1/2" long. Very good condition. Uncleaned with what appears to be a layer of old varnish or hard linseed oil overall.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0063, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Newland flintlock service pistol for Yeomany use by Ketland and Adams. This is of slightly better quality than the standard issue pistol as it has a roller on the frizen spring. I have had a repair to the forend wood professionally carried out - there was a crack and sliver of wood missing which has been properly repaired and is now all tight. I deliberately asked for the replacemnet sliver of walnut to be left uncoloured so the purchaser has the option of blending it in or leaving as an honest repair. Metal parts are in very good condition and overall a good example of a 19th Century military pistol.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0056, Price SOLD (GBP)
A superb quality Brown Bess musket by Knubley London made for the Thoresby Volunteers about 1802. The Thoresby Volunteers were raised circa 1802-03 and commanded by Charles Herbert Pierpoint who was 2nd Earl Manvers of Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire. The regiment was raised to counter any threat of invasion by Napoleon's forces as well as to protect the estate and locality against aggression and looting resulting from civil disturbance, such as the riotous behaviour in the Nottingham elections of 1801/2. The musket is of regulation type, but with a stepped lock and roller frizzen and signed Knubley. John Knubley is recorded active circa 1766 until his death in 1795, after which his widow continued the business. The name continued to be used by Samuel Brunn and, from 1798, John Mallet until 1803. The latter is known to have signed a number of guns simply 'Knubley', and this musket is probably from that period. The oval brass escutcheon is engraved with the crest of the Pierpoint family and the musket is numbered 80 on the barrel and the lock screws. The bayonet is numbered 66. Untouched sleepy condition thickly covered with varnish on the metal parts. There is a minor crack in the forend. There were about 90 of these muskets in Thoresby Hall with bayonets and they were all sold off by Sothebys in a Country House sale of the contents of Thoresby Hall in 1989 and the original auction label is still attached to the musket. This musket is exactly in the condition as it was when it left Thorseby Hall and has not been cleaned or had the protective coat od varnish removed. A rare opportunity to obtain one of these historic muskets with great provenance.
gun gun gungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0046, Price SOLD (GBP)
A .577/450" Martini rifle made by Westley Richards for the ZAR (Boer Republic in the Transvaal) in 1898. This would undoubtedly have been used in the Boer War. The forend has been shortened during it's working life (I understand it was common among the Boers to reduce the weight of the rifle by shortening the forend). There is a hole through the buttstock which could be a bullet hole. Some original blue on the action and all markings clear. A better than average example of these rifles which were given hard service on the South African frontier.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0062, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Westley Richards Patent Improved Martini 500/450 (No. 1 Carbine) sporting rifle made by Westley Richards. Ovoid 24" barrel with under rib and typical African multi leaf sight with ladder and ivory foresight. Pistol grip stock. Birmingham proof marks. Good working order. Retains most of the original blue. There is a small crack to the top of the stock just visible behind the action tang (this crack is common for these types of rifle due to the shape of the butt stock) and you can see this in one of the photos. The wooden cleaning rod is missing from the pipes under the barrel. A very good example of a " Free State Carbine " that was probably used by a Boer or Pioneer in South Africa during the last quarter of the 19th Century. Most of these carbines had a hard life and do not survive in good condition.
gun gun gungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0061, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality Fields Patent 500/450 sporting rifle by W.W. Greener 68, Haymarket London . Made at Greeners factory in Birmingham and carrying Birmingham proof marks. Stamped Ammunition No. 2 Musket underneath the barrel which is 27" long. The rifle is 45" overall. Excellent condition with a good bore and retaining some original blue on the action. The barrel is a blue brown colour.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0064, Price SOLD (GBP)
A flintlock trade musket by Joseph Wilson of Great Charles street Birmingham who was in business between 1840 to 1886. The musket is stamped with their mark and the crown on the butt. The lock is stamped Warranted and with the trademark of an elephant. The gun measures 67" overall. It is untouched - rusty and completely uncleaned. This trade gun is of genuine 19th century manufacture and carries Birmingham proof marks. Complete with the original iron ramrod.
gun gun gungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0060, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare and high quality double barrelled 40B (about .500") percussion rifle with Lancaster Patent oval bore rifleing by James Beattie of 205 Regent st. London. Scroll engraved signed locks with forward safety bolts. Circular patch box florally engraved. 32" twist barrels retaining some original barrel browning. The rifle retains a large amount of the original finish and is a superb example of a rare rifleing system. Even the butt plate retains original blueing. The barrels are engraved "Lancaster's Patent Smooth Bored Rifle" which refers to the bore which has oval bore rifleing. London proof marks. The ramrod is shortened and should really be replaced.
gun gun gungungungungungungungungungun
Item Code ag0059, Price SOLD (GBP)
A fine quality and rare Irish percussion travelling pistol made 1830-40 by W & J Rigby of Dublin with a magazine in the butt for two balls and percussion caps. The barrel is etched and engraved Dublin. This has the usual Rigby action with three bents. Measures 6 1/4" overall. Captive ramrod. Good condition with some minor pitting and wear.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0047, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality 16B flintlock shotgun by Hickman. Barrel 36" long. Nicely engraved. Very good condition. Engraving crisp. Good bore. The frizzen has been refaced presumably to improve the sparking.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0054, Price SOLD (GBP)
A brass bound oak gun case for a pinfire or centre fire hammer shotgun with 30 1/2" barrels. It still has its original leather label for James Burnand gunmaker of Newcastle . Very good condition. Minor damage to the lining and partitions which you can see in the photos.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0055, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very high quality probably Scottish brass bound cuban mahogany gun case for a double percussion shotgun. Fully leather lined and with numerous compartments many of which lift out to reveal space for more accessories. Probably for an Alex Henry or John Dickson gun. Minor age cracks to the lid. The brass lid escutcheon and the keyhole escutcheon are both loose and require re-glueing. The mahogany compartment with sliding lid in the case again needs re-glueing. A superb case with brass carrying handles at each end.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0045, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Tranter Patent .380 rimfire revolver serial number 55195 made in the last half of the 19th Century. Good condition with some original blue on the barrel and sheltered areas of the frame.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0053, Price Sold (GBP)
A very good quality Officers 19B (.62") percussion pistol with captive ramrod by Gardner of Newcastle. Dates about 1830-40. Overall length 14 1/2 ". Absolutely sleeper uncleaned condition with dirt and surface rust and some original finish underneath. Requires careful cleaning.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0043, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good example of an early 19th Century Napoleonic War period Newland pattern British military issue flintlock pistol. Well marked on the stock with various ordnance stamps. Very sleepy dirty good condition and working order. Untouched with a layer of hardened oil or grease. There is the standard service repair on the forend of a brass strip carried out in its working life. The date 1827 is stamped on the butt which would have been when the pistol was either repaired or taken into store.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0041, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare huge flintlock for a swivel mounted Wall piece by Barnett (who was a contractor to the War Department and the East India Co.). Measures a massive 9 inches long. The spring is so strong that I can't cock it. Good untouched condition.
gun gun gun
Item Code ag0038, Price SOLD (GBP)
A pair of Flintlock pocket pistols marked Nock London. Birmingham proof marks so these would have been made in Birmingham and retailed by Nock. Good condition.
gun gun gungun
Item Code ag0027, Price SOLD (GBP)
An extremely rare experimental or prototype .577 cal breechloading rifle stamped T.J. Mayalls Patent (patented in 1865) made presumably to compete with the snider as a conversion of the Enfield muzzle loading rifle to a breechloader. The hammer needs to be half cocked and the bolt action can then be turned an opened. barrel measures 37 inches to the breech. Very sleepy and untouched condition with quite a bit of original blue. Birmingham proofmarks. Good bore 5 groove rifling.
gun gun gungun
Item Code ag0040, Price SOLD (GBP)
An 1851 London Colt Navy percussion revolver. London proof marks. Serial number 36654 all matching. Made in 1855. Very sleepy good condition and working order. Untouched with good screw slots. The areas which were case hardened (frame and rammer) are not pitted and remain crisp but the barrel and cylinder have pitting and patina overall. The grips retain almost all their original varnish. It looks as though the revolver has just layed somewhere with some damp and rusted on the barrel and cylinder but is completely unrestored.
gun gun gungungungungungun
Item Code ag0023, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality 19th Century double barrelled over and under single trigger percussion pocket pistol with superb etched damascus barrels. Liege proof marks. Approximately .34" or 9mm calibre. Excellent crisp condition. The concealed single trigger opens out when the pistol is full cocked and fires the right barrel first and then on second pull the left barrel.
gun gun gungun
Item Code ag0037, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Birmingham proved percussion pistol made for the East India Government in 1869. Extremely well marked with various EIG ordnance stamps. The stock is stamped Isaac Hollis & Sons who were either the makers or stockers. The pistol is stamped FA3 1885 on the butt which presumably was a later storekeepers stamp. Superb untouched all original condition. Lots of the original blue remains on the barrel and the lock has case colours.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0036, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality and unusual percussion travelling pistol by William Mills London c.1830 with turn off barrel and barrel wrench in the butt. This would originally have been one of a pair of pistols and the butt wrench on one would have been used to unscrew the barrel on the other. I have only ever seen this system on pistols by William Mills so this system could be unique to him. Platinum vent plug. The barrel readily unscrews. All the engraving is very crisp. The pistol has a superb high gloss charcoal blue finish and is in fine condition with slight surface rust on one side of the barrel and near the nipple. The silver escutcheon is engraved with a crown and initial. The butt has panels of checkering. A very distinctive and fine pistol which measures 8 1/2 inches overall.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0035, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very high quality 26B percussion sporting rifle by Joseph Lang of London made circa 1845. 34 inch barrel with multi groove rifleing. Set trigger. Superb untouched all original condition. Virtually all the original browning remains on the barrel and the lock retains most of the case colours. Good crisp rifled bore. Lots of original blue on the trigger guard. Cheek piece stock has most of the original varnish. Difficult to find a speciman in better condition. An Investment grade sporting rifle.
gun gun gungungungun
Item Code ag0033, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare and good quality .380 pinfire single barrelled rook rifle by J. Braddell & Son Castle Place Belfast . Excellent sleepy and untouched condition. Good bore. Remains of colour on the action and lock. Tight action.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0029, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare Calisher & Terry 30 bore breechloading percussion rifle retailed by the famous gunmaker George Gibbs of Bristol who specialised in fine quality target rifles. This is the rare full length rifle (most Calisher & Terry guns encountered are of carbine length). Complete with the original clearing/cleaning rod. The butt contains a trap for the tools to fit on the end of the rod but the tools are missing. Borderline engraved. 33 inch barrel rifled with 5 grooves. Good bore. Very good overall condition.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0013, Price SOLD (GBP)
An extremely rare DB 70G over and under turnover percussion shotgun with enclosed nipples, presumably to produce a waterproof action. The original steel ramrod is housed down one side. Action and trigger guard marked J.J. Rissack Brevette. Scroll engraved action and furniture. Very good condition.
gun gun gungun
Item Code ag0014, Price SOLD (GBP)
An extremely rare DB percussion cape rifle by John Manton Dover street London with a 12G rifle barrel and a 13G smoothbore barrel. No. 7700 originally made as a flintlock in 1820 and subsequently converted to percussion by rebreeching probably by Manton as the nipples are Manton style. Two folding leaf sights which fold flat to enable a flat sighting plain. The barrels are very thick and I think the smoothbore barrel would have been used for ball. Barrels 30 3/4" to the plugs. Well engraved with stand of arms on the locks and furniture. Very good pretty crisp condition. Ramrod missing.
gun gun gungungun
Item Code ag0031, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality flintlock pistol about 1770 with fancy brass furniture by Elston of Doncaster. Crisp, very sleepy and untouched condition. Cock broken and mainspring missing (a mainspring is included with the pistol which is the correct size and type and needs to be fitted). Well worth carefull restoration.
gun gun gungungungungun
Item Code ag0, Price £ (GBP)