Knives, Dirks and Razors

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Item Code K0093, Price £485 (GBP)
A very attractive mid 19th Century folding dirk or bowie knife. From the style and nickel fittings it was undoubtedly made in Sheffield but there is no makers name on the blade. Very good condition. Locks in place well with only very slight wobble. 9 3/4" when open.
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Item Code K0092, Price £1425 (GBP)
An exceptional and highest quality three piece set of early 19th Century straight razors in their original case. The scales are pressed tortoiseshell and I think the fittings and shields on the case and razors are probably gold. They all carry the owners crest of a bird with initials and are numbered 1, 2 and 3 on the backs of the blades. The razors are in lovely condition with no cracks to the tortoiseshell and clean blades.They are the best set of razors I have seen and one for the connoisseur.
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Item Code K0088, Price £90 (GBP)
A very unusual bronze bladed RAF issue magazine knife for, I think, cutting gun cotton. It is stamped with the WD broad arrow and dated 1944. This knife looks to be the actual pattern knife as it has an official RAF label attached marked "Specimen" with all the pattern details. Measures 11 3/8 inches overall. Excellent condition.
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Item Code K0086, Price £8000 (GBP)
A large and superb multi-blade folding lock knife marked R. Smith York but almost certainly made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons of Sheffield as it is one of their patterns and the quality of workmanship is breathtaking. This was made for the York Industrial Exhibition of 1879 and would have been exhibited on Smiths stand. Measures a massive 27 inches overall with all blades open and 12 1/2 inches closed. Lovely untouched condition. This is one out of my own collection. It was discovered by an auction house in North Yorkshire whilst carrying out a house clearance and was wrapped in tissue paper in a suitcase under a bed in a house occupied by a recently deceased member of the Smith family. Smiths had been cutlery merchants in York for many years and after the Exhibition this knife was on display in their shop (now closed). It has been beautifully preserved and still retains it's original crocus polish. The main clip point bowie shape blade locks (there is a flower engraved on the lock). This is an exceptionally rare opportunity for the advanced knife collector to obtain an outstanding example of a Victorian Exhibition knife made at the height of the British cutlery industry.
knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife  knife 
Item Code K0085, Price £125 (GBP)
A really interesting straight razor owned by Charles Brothwell service no. 3621 of the 42nd Regiment The Black Watch.
The razor was made by William Gilpin & Co of Strand London who were listed as "Army Clothiers" in the 1850 - 1860 period.
In the photos you can see a discharge note for Brothwell. He served 12 1/2 years from 1853 including the Mediterranean, Crimea West Indies, Bengal and some other places I can't read. I have found out that he enlisted originally in the 91st Regiment with service no. 3251 in 1853 and subsequently moved to the 42nd Regiment with service no. 3621.
The razor is in a papier mache case marked with another soldiers no. 2537 which I think is for Private James Dunlop who is listed with this number in the 91st Foot which was also Brothwell's first regiment. I have found a pensioners list which shows Brothwell as having the Crimea and Mutiny medals.
Definitely something for further research and a very personal item carried by a soldier from a very famous regiment.
The razor is in excellent condition.
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Item Code K0087, Price SOLD (GBP)
A couple of Victorian hunting knives made by Arnachellum of Salem India. These were made for British officers in the Indian Army for use when out hunting or for personal protection. Measure 13 1/4" and 11 1/4" overall. Good condition with signs of use and some wear.
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Item Code K0089, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian hunting knife made by W. Thornhill London and marked Graham Knife. Measures 9 1/2 inches overall. Complete with it's original sheath. Good condition.
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Item Code K0091, Price SOLD (GBP)
An attractive 19th Century Bowie or Dirk hunting knife by Slater Brothers Sheffield. Stag scales and nickel silver fittings. Measures 10" overall with a blade of 6". Very good untouched condition.
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Item Code K0090, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare late 17th Century or early 18th Century folding knife probably Italian or Spanish. Measures 4 1/2" closed and 8 1/2" open. Good condition for the age with the usual signs of use and some wear.
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Item Code K0081, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality 19th Century French multi-blade knife marked DESLANDE GUERRE and made by Deslande Guerre of 4, Rue Lafayette, Paris. The blades all lock when open and are released by pulling on the ring at the back of the knife. Measures 9 inches overall with the main blade open and 5 1/4 inches closed. Very good condition.
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Item Code K0080, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Georgian Irish Dirk probably Naval made by Read & Co. of 4, Parliament st., Dublin. Measures 11 inches overall with a blade of 6 3/4 inches. Very good condition. Complete with it's original brass sheath.
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Item Code K0083, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian Multi-blade sportsman's or fishing knife made in either London or Sheffield and retailed by Plum of Worcester. Measures 5 3/4 inches closed and 10 inches overall with the main blade open. The main blade locks open. There are scissors, tweezers and a nickel silver folding ruler in the handles. Very good condition.
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Item Code K0079, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare Victorian folding bowie knife with ivory scales and nickel silver mounts including a rare horsehead pommel. It is Sheffield made but I can't make out the full makers name but I think it is JOHN MIDDLETON. Measures 6 inches closed and 10 1/4 inches overall with a blade of 4 1/2 inches. Good condition.
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Item Code K0074, Price SOLD(GBP)
A Victorian bowie knife made by Unwin & Rodgers Sheffield (stamped with their trademark) and retailed by O'Neill & Thompson Nassau st. Dublin Ireland. Measures 10 1/4 inches overall with a blade of 6 1/4 inches. Very good condition and very rare to have an Irish retailed bowie. Complete with it's original red leather/card sheath with nickel silver mounts.
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Item Code K0072, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality Victorian large multiblade folding sportsmans knife retailed by J. Haigh of Lord st. Liverpool, but undoubtedly made in Sheffield and also marked with a trademark of a treble clef which will be the makers trademark. I haven't been able to identify the maker at this stage. Measures 10 3/4 inches open and 6 inches closed. Excellent condition with some original polish. The main blade is jimped on the edge in a few spots. All springs work perfectly and all completely original with no repairs.
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Item Code K0077, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very high quality Victorian kukri type hunting knife made by Holtzapffel & Co. London although unusually the knife is not marked with the makers name. It could have been intended to have a retailers name or be part of a special order where the makers name was not to be shown. Measures 10 inches overall with a blade of 6 inches. Ivory handle scales. Very good condition with most of the original polish. Just what a British Officer of the 1880's would buy when going to serve overseas. Complete with it's original leather sheath with belt loop. A great companion to a big game rifle. It is identical to the Holtzapffel knives shown in the London Knife Book (see last photo for the relevent page) other than this one has ivory scales.
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Item Code K0073, Price SOLD (GBP)
A rare high quality large lock knife by the famous Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield . Measures 11 inches open and 6 inches closed. Superb condition retaining lots of the original crocus polish. Locks up well and opens and closes with a snap.
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Item Code K0068, Price SOLD (GBP)
A fishermans multiblade pocket knife with disgorger on the end of the saw. It is stamped Richardson Adie & Co. Edinburgh and the nickel scales are engraved with the original owners name. The tin opener is stamped with a patent number and the patent date 1912. The knife measures 4 1/2 inches closed. Very good condition.
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Item Code K0075, Price SOLD (GBP)
A large Victorian bowie knife by Underwood Haymarket London. Measures 15 inches overall with a blade of 9 1/4 inches. The knife is in very good condition but the sheath has suffered a little and has lost a lot of it's stitching. The initials of the original owner SBB are stamped unto the sheath.
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Item Code K0071, Price SOLD (GBP)
A late Victorian or Edwardian multiblade pocket knife by the famous Sheffield cutlers Joseph Rodgers & Sons with stag scales and five blades/implements and three sliders (scissors, tweezers and pricker). The knife measures 4 1/4 inches closed and 7 1/2" with the main blade open. The main blade has a lock. Excellent condition with lots of the original polish.
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Item Code K0069, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian hunting knife by G. Nazer of 31, Royal Exchange London about 1880. It measures 10 1/2 inches overall with a 6 1/4 bowie shaped blade and is complete with it's original sheath. Chequered horn grips and nickel silver bolsters. Very good condition. The top of the belt loop has come unstitched. The type of knife that would have been bought by British officers going overseas.
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Item Code K0070, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Wharncliffe three bladed pocket knife with pearl scales stamped Chapman Cutlers to the Queen Glasgow (but most likely made in Sheffield and retailed by Chapman). Measures 4 inches closed. The springs are overlaid with silver strips.Good condition. The scales on one side are cracked.
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Item Code K0066, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare completely original Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield catalogue dating from about 1900. It includes folding knives bowie knives exhibition knives table knives and razors . Large format - each page measures 14 1/2 inches x 10 3/4 inches. Full of very detailed accurate line drawings of the knives available from Rodgers factory at the end of the Victorian period. Some of the knives are stamped cutlers to her Majesty and others are shown with cutlers to their Majesties. In total 130 pages of knives and razors. The first three pages are missing but I have been able to source copies of these which will be sold with the catalogue. The entire binding has come loose and the catalogue needs rebinding. A rare opportunity for the serious knife collector as these catalogues are much rarer than the knives.
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0065, Price SOLD (GBP)
An early 19th Century penknife with 6 interchangeable blades all housed n a paper mache case. The blades are stamped cast steel with a hammer trademark. Measures 3 1/8" closed and 4 5/8" open. Lovely quality. Good colour in the horn scales and nice birds eye rivets. Good condition. I haven't worked out how to change the blades. As you can see from the photos they have a hook tang and you must somehow push them against the spring whilst turning into the right position to lock in. Quite a rare pattern of Georgian pen knife.
knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0060, Price SOLD (GBP)
An early and very rare penknife with letter opener handle by Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield made 1830-37 and stamped WR on the blade. The ivory handle is factory scrimshawed or engraved with Armley House Yorkshire and I think this is probably one of several large country houses that you could order as handle engravings as over the years I have seen others. The quality of the engraving is exceptional and any Rodgers knife is rare with this early date. Measures 7 1/2" overall closed and 9 1/4" open. Very good condition. No cracks to the handle. The tip of the blade is missing and there are a couple of small gimps in the edge of the blade.
knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0058, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian Scottish hunting knife stamped Chapman Glasgow. Measures 13 1/2" overall with a blade of 8 1/4" . Complete with nickel silver mounted leather sheath which has a spring loaded locking catch to retain the knife. Good condition.
knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0063, Price SOLD (GBP)
A large Victorian Bowie knife by George Wostenholm & Son Washington Works Sheffield. Measures 14 1/2" overall with a 9 3/4" blade. Good condition. Some sharpening marks to blade. The original cardboard sheath has been enclosed by a contempory home made leather sheath presumably for durability. The leather over sheath looks to be 19th Century and you can still see the nickel throat of the original factory sheath at the mouth of the over sheath.
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0064, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian gentlemans dirk knife by Wm. Jackson & Co. Sheaf Island Works Sheffield. The handle mounts are pressed nickel with an American eagle and fox's mask. Measures 9 1/2" overall with a 5 1/2" blade. Good condition. Some sharpening marks to blade.
knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0062, Price SOLD (GBP)
Agood condition.
knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0061, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality multiblade pocket knife by Clark 20 Old Bond St London. This is the exact knife shown on page 36 of The London Knife Book by Ron Flook. Measures 5" overall closed and 8 1/2" open. Very good condition. No cracks to the scales.
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0059, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very large and impressive 19th Century hunting or Bowie knife marked EXPLORER on the blade and also with the makers or retailers name J. Drew & Son London. Measures 17 3/4" overall with a blade of 12" . The false edge is sharp. Complete with the original leather sheath. Excellent condition. The checkered wooden handle has a repair - a portion has at some time in the past has broken off and it has been glued back. The repair is well done and not very visible. The blade has lots of the original polish and doesn't show wear or sharpening.
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0056, Price SOLD (GBP)
A fantastic and very high quality Victorian sterling silver mounted hunting knife and matching belt both engraved with a Viscounts crown and EE. The knife and belt are both Thornhill patterns and the knife is marked Wingfield Knife (which is a Thornhill pattern) but the blade is also stamped Southcombe 131 Jermyn st London. I think that it is likely that this was made by Thornhill for Southcombe. This exact knife is pictured and described in The london Knife Book by Ron Flook on page 155. The knife is hallmarked 1867 and the belt is hallmarked 1868. The belt is described in Thornhills catalogue as a Norwegian belt and is shown with a Wingfield knife like this one. The knife measures 6 3/4" overall. There is a folding corkscrew, button hook and penblade in the handle and fly tying tweezers and pricker as sliders with two other sliders missing. Good condition. Some damage to one of the checkered scales and the corkscrew is broken. A very good knife worthy of some research.
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Item Code K0052, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality Victorian multiblade knife retailed by FOURACRES EXETER. This knife is remarkably similar to a pattern produced by Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield and was probably made by them for Fouracres who were presumably an ironmonger or gunshop selling knives. Measures 10" overall when open and 5 5/8" closed including the screwdriver at the end of the handle. The main blade locks with a backspring release. Completely unabused and untouched condition.
knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0048, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality hunting knife by W.Thornhill & Co. London dating from the 1880's with checkered ivory scales. The blade is stamped Ellis Knife which is the Thornhill pattern for this knife. The leather sheath has a locking catch at the mouth and a leather frog for fitting on a belt. The ivory scales would originally have contained a pair of tweezers and scissors but these are now missing. Measures 12 1/2" overall. Some wear to the blade and the very tip is broken. A rare knife of the type favoured by Victorian explorers and big game hunters.
knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0010, Price £25 (GBP)
Two original printing blocks for cutlery catalogues hand engraved from boxwood and with superb detail that unfortunately you can't see in the photos which don't do them justice. Excellent condition.
knife knife knife
Item Code K0051, Price SOLD (GBP)
A large multiblade folding knife by Thomas Turner Sheffield with ivory scales and 9 blades and implements including two sliders. Measures 9 3/4" overall when open and 5 7/8" when closed (excluding the shackel). All blades open and close with a good snap and don't wobble. The main blade has sharpening marks and has lost about 1/8" from the tip. The pen blade has also lost the very end of the tip. Reshaping the tips would significantly improve it. Good scales with no cracks and very thick.
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0053, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian scalpel by W. Thornhill London complete with its cardboard case. Measures 7" overall. Good condition.
knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0054, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian scalpel marked Plum. Measures 6 1/2" overall. Good condition.
knife knife knife 
Item Code K0047, Price SOLD (GBP)
A mid 19th Century American Civil War period Sheffield dirk type bowie knife. Stamped with the makers name Bradshaw Sheffield and faintly etched Self Protector within scrolls down the blade. Fancy pressed nickel silver fittings and pearl scales. Measures 9" overall with a 5" blade. Very good condition. No sheath.
knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0049, Price SOLD (GBP)
An unusual Victorian large double edged knife with very interesting colonial provenance. The black horn or composite material moulded handle is made in two pieces and resembles a blackthorn stick. It is inlaid with pearl discs on the high points. The double edged blade is stamped Couper Johnstone & Co. Ltd Glasgow. The blade has a pole tang and is rivetted at the end of the handle. The leather sheath has brass mounts. Measures 15 3/4" overall. Couper Johnstone were founded in 1879 and were East African palm oil traders with a base in the Opobo area which I think is now Nigeria. This knife was presumably made for Couper Johnstone for either their own employees or perhaps for presentation to Chiefs and local dignitaries. i
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0046, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality vintage pearl scaled razor with solid real pearl scales. Very good condition. The scales do not have liners which shows the strength and quality of the pearl used. No cracks or chips to the pearl. rare in this condition.
knife knife knifeknife 
Item Code K0045, Price SOLD (GBP)
A folding hunting knife dating from about 1900 with checkered buffalo horn scales and a blade which can be used as a short blade or opened completely to form a larger knife. Made by the famous Sheffield cutler George Butler and complete in the original sheath which is missing the belt loop. The blade opens and closes well and locks up tightly. The original crocus polich can be seen on a lot of the blade but there has been some sharpening along the edge. Measures 11 3/4" overall when fully open.
knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0033, Price SOLD (GBP)
A hunting or fighting knife made for the South American market by A. Sauerland & Co..Complete with original sheath. Measures 12" overall. Pearl and silver inlay in the handle. Good overall condition.
knife knife knifeknife 
Item Code K0032, Price SOLD (GBP)
A huge pocket knife (shown alongside a multi blade for size comparison). Measures 8 1/4" closed and 15" open. No maker mark but undoubtedly of Sheffield make and probably for a shop display. Extremely rare in this size. Very good overall condition. Some age cracks to the scales.
knife knife 
Item Code K0044, Price SOLD (GBP)
An antique multi blade horsemans pocket knife with stag scales by Southern & Richardson. All matching blades and implements. Measures 4 1/2" closed and 7 1/2" with the main blade open. All blades open and close with a good snap. There is a small piece missing out of the edge of the main blade - otherwise very good untouched condition.
knife knife knife knife knife knife 
Item Code K0043, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare Victorian lockback folding bowie or dirk with pearl scales carved on one side with a bust of George Washington. The fancy bolster and pommel are pressed nickel silver. Unfortuanately the blade has obviously broken in the past and someone has shortened it so that the knife can continue to be used. It is possible to make out the remains of a makers name and Sheffield on the blade. The carving on the scales is undoubtedly original factory work because the pearl had to be thick enough to provide sufficient depth for the carving. Measures 5 3/8" when closed. Apart from the blade the knife is in very good condition. Some minor scratches or tiny hairline cracks - it is difficult to see which they are. This is a very rare knife which is worthy of some restoration.
knife knife knifeknife knifeknife
Item Code K0042, Price SOLD (GBP)
A huge and very rare early 19th Century English folding knife which measures a massive 66" long when open. This must have been made as a shop display piece but it functions perfectly and the spring is still strong. The scales are made from a series of cowhorn sections and these were originally painted (you can still see some writing painted on to the scales). A must for any serious knife collector as an example of one of the larger early display knives. Fair overall condition. Dirty and uncleaned. The spring is still strong. Some cracks and chips to the knife scales and pitting and patina to the blade.
knife knife knifeknifeknifeknifeknife 
Item Code K0038, Price SOLD (GBP)
A very rare 19th Century explorers or foresters axe with two piece stag scales. The handle also contains a folding saw and knife blade. The axe head, saw and knife are all deeply stamped Gibbs. Dirty sleepy untouched condition. Covered overall with a rust patina. Measures 11 1/2" long overall. I think this is a much earlier example than the Thornhill axes which are more commonly encountered.
knife knife knifeknifeknife 
Item Code K0037, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality and unusual Victorian hunting knife with stag handle and gold inlaid monogram in the blade. No makers name. Measures 13 1/4" overall with a heavy blade 8 1/4" long. The sheath has a long pouch on the front probably for a sharpening steel. Good overall condition. Leather and stitching on sheath is in very good condition. The knife does show some use and a few knocks along the back of the blade.
knife knife knifeknife 
Item Code K0040, Price SOLD (GBP)
A high quality and extremely unusual Victorian Scottish dirk with the handle formed from what appears to be an Eagle claw encased in silver and holding a silver mounted stone pommel. I am not sure whether the stone is paste or a semi precious stone. The dirk measures 17" overall with a blade 11" long. The blade is stamped with a makers name in Inverness but I can't make out the name. All the silver mounts are well engraved with thistles and foliage. No hallmarks but I think the mounts are solid rather than plated. The sheath is missing. Good overall condition. A very rare dirk presumably made to special order.
knife knife knifeknifeknifeknifeknife 
Item Code K0041, Price SOLD (GBP)
A folding deer stalkers knife by Holtzapffel & Co of London with a very interesting provenance. The nickel plated handle is engraved " FROM FRANK BIBBY ESQ TO DUNCAN McCOLL MAMORE FOREST 1904 ". Frank Bibby owned a shipping line and was a very wealthy man who had Mamore Lodge built for him in Scotland. I presume this knife was a gift from him to his head stalker or ghillie. It is in well used condition - the blade shows some wear and the handle is a little wobbley but a rare knife and especially nice with this provenance. Complete with the original sheath. For a similar knife see The London Knife Book by Ron Flook pages 82 and 83.
knife knife 
Item Code K0030, Price SOLD (GBP)
A large folding lock knife by George Wostenholm Sheffield. Measures 6 1/4" closed and 11 1/4" open. Very good overall condition.
knife knife knifeknife 
Item Code K0028, Price SOLD (GBP)
An Edwardian period multi blade pocket knife by Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield stamped "E crown R". Main blade locks plus pen blade, saw, button hook, screwdriver, corkscrew, bradawl and spike. In addition there are tweezers and a pricker which slide into the scales. Measures 3 5/8" closed and 6 1/8" with the main blade open. Very good overall condition.
knife knife knifeknife knife
Item Code K0029, Price SOLD (GBP)
A Victorian horsemans multi blade pocket knife by Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield stamped "cutlers to her majesty". Main blade plus pen blade, buttone hook, hoof hook, corkscrew, bradawl and spike with sliding tweezers and pricker in the scales. Measures 3 3/4" closed and 6 1/8" with the main blade open. Very good overall condition.
knife knife 
Item Code K0034, Price SOLD (GBP)
A small Victorian dagger with carved bone handle and etched blade. Measures 7 3/8" overall. Good overall condition but the handle has some cracks and a small loss to one side.
knife knife knifeknife 
Item Code K0027, Price SOLD (GBP)
A bowie or hunting knife made by George Butler Sheffield about 1890 -1910. The blade measures 7 5/8 inches and the knife is 12 1/4 inches overall. Two piece horn grips and milled nickel liners. Good condition. The sheath has numerous working repairs carried out during it's life.
knife knife knifeknife knife
Item Code K0024, Price SOLD (GBP)
A larger than normal 19th Century folding hunting knife with swing out german silver double guard and checkered wooden scales. The blade is stamped with the retailers name R. McQueen & Son, Newcastle although the knife was undoubtedly made in Sheffield. Measures fully open 14" overall with a 9 1/4" blade. Very good condition
knife knife knife
Item Code K0017, Price SOLD (GBP)
A 19th Century folding dirk knife with swing out double guard. The blade is stamped Howards Sheffield. Measures open 10" overall. Very good condition
knife knife knife
Item Code K0014, Price SOLD (GBP)
An original 19th Century Bowie knife definitely of Sheffield make although unnamed. Stag scales and fancy pressed german silver guard. The blade is beautifully etched on both sides - the etching on one side is the mirror image of the other. Measures 8 1/2" overall. Excellent condition with all the original crocus polish on the blade. The shield escutcheon is missing from the scale and the german silver end of the sheath is loose.
knife knife knifeknife
Item Code K0020, Price SOLD (GBP)
A good quality French 19th Century folding dirk knife with german silver fittings and black horn scales. The scales are inlaid on both sides with german silver. The blade is recurved with a long false edge and is stamped with a trademark and name. Measures 11 3/4 invhes open. Very good condition.
knife knife knife
Item Code K0021, Price SOLD (GBP)
An unusual wooden handled folding knife without a back spring. Large leaf shaped blade. Measures 14 inches overall when open. Probably a 19th Century European peasant knife. Good condition, but some pitting to the blade.
knife knife knife
Item Code K0019, Price SOLD (GBP)
An unusual 19th Century brass handled fighting knife with recurved blade. I am not sure of the country of origin but think it is European. The handle has been well cast and is engraved. Measures 12 1/2 inches overall. Good condition, but some pitting to the blade.
knife knife knife